Mimi's Playhouse Visit

At Carter's Collective Fine Jewelry, we cherish our role in the our community. It goes beyond crafting jewelry; it's about educating and inspiring the next generation. Recently, we welcomed Mimi's Playhouse for their annual tour of the store, a tradition we love!

The children's visit was a chance to explore the magic of gemstones and diamonds. Our team guided them on an informative tour of our store. The kids even had the opportunity to look under a microscope and get up close to a diamond with one of our in-house jewelers.

Trying on a six-carat engagement ring topped off the visit, leaving the children in awe! Before leaving the store, each child chose a gemstone from our treasure chest, a keepsake of their special visit.

Our annual visit just goes to show our commitment to our community. We believe in giving back and igniting a love for jewelry in young hearts. As these children left with sparkling eyes and cherished gems, they carried a piece of our world with them.