I know you have jewelry collecting dust at the bottom of your jewelry box or pieces that don't reflect your style... Our team is here to help! Your jewelry concierge will assist every part of the process, even if you want a redesign but inspiration hasn't struck yet.
Gather all of the pieces you no longer want and inspiration if you have a specific vision! Bring everything you can to your appointment for our jewelers and custom specialists to evaluate. Please note, vintage stones that have been worn every day for years are often weathered; chipped stones are often not able to be reset.
At your appointment, The jeweler and custom design specialist will evaluate your pieces. This is the time to discuss details of your expectations, inspiration, and an established budget range. Questions to Consider for your appointment:
  • Do you want a ring, necklace, earring, or bracelet?
• Does this piece celebrate a specific occasion?
Birthday, anniversary, graduation...
• Is this going to be worn every day or for special occasions?
• Do you want to create one piece? Or multiple pieces?
Then we will begin to brainstorm design ideas for you. This will include computer animated renderings or sketches of the design when applicable. You will recieve images approximately 2-4 weeks after your initial consultation, which will be finalized and confirmed once we receive the jewelry items from you.
We are happy to accommodate any budget through customization, in-house layaway, and financing options!
Please note, custom designs are only created once half of your quote is paid, and jewelry cannot be picked-up until it is paid in-full.
Any unused gold from your old jewelry can be traded as partial payment towards your new designs.
Custom designs, from initial consultation to completion, take approximately 12 weeks, depending on the design and additional changes made.
After your initial consultation, renderings or sketches of the design will be sent to you for review in approximately 2-4 weeks. Any edits made to the design will be completed and re-submitted to you for review in another 2-4 weeks. After your design is approved, it's time to bring your new jewelry to life! Your custom piece will be complete and ready for pick-up in 6-8 weeks after design approval.