Behind The Bespoke Collection

Diamonds have long been a symbol of timeless elegance and enduring love. Yet, even among these precious gems, there are diamonds that stand apart as truly exceptional, deserving of a design that matches their unique brilliance.

At Carter's Collective Fine Jewelry, we pride ourselves on curating diamonds that are one-of-a-kind, and our Bespoke Collection is a testament to our commitment to creating exclusive, custom designs that celebrate the individuality of each diamond. Let's take a closer look at some of the stunning creations in our Bespoke Collection and the stories behind their designs.

Baguette Step Cut Diamond Graduating Bezel Ring with Satin Finish

This exquisite ring features an emerald-cut diamond surrounded by baguette-cut diamonds, set in a sleek bezel with a satin finish. The elongated shape of the emerald-cut diamond adds a unique and captivating aspect to the design. The meticulous attention to detail and the satin finish give this ring a timeless and sophisticated charm.

Chae's Notes: "Emeralds are usually proportionally cut, but I have a love affair with super long emeralds- the longer, the better! When I saw this loose emerald cut diamond, all I could see was framing it in a straight block style baguettes. We changed the design half a dozen times and turned everything every way it could face, but finally landed on a flush set bezel style. The finish is deserving of a chef's kiss on this one of a kind piece!"

Antique Pear Shape Three Stone Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

This enchanting engagement ring features a pear-shaped center diamond flanked by two step-cut pear side stones, all set in a platinum setting. The addition of a diamond under-halo around each pear diamond adds a touch of timeless elegance to this stunning piece.

Chae's Notes: "I met the pear-shaped center diamond first, at an antique jewelry show! I love all diamond shapes, but pear has a special place in my heart. At the show, I began looking for matched diamonds of the same cut and size to create into bands but the step-cut, pear side stone duo caught my eye. I started imagining a three-stone design for these antique, pear-cut diamonds, and asked myself 'what details would I want for my dream engagement ring?' So I chose a platinum setting for the center pear to keep its bright, white color and included a diamond under-halo wrapped around each pear diamond... Every detail I would want for my own engagement ring!"

Dahlia Round Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring showcases a captivating salt and pepper diamond set in a simple yet elegant Dahlia setting. The choice to keep the setting minimalistic allows the unique beauty of the salt and pepper diamond to shine through, making it a true statement piece for someone equally unique and special.

Blake's Notes: "I am obsessed with this salt and pepper ring! It is super tough to find a salt and pepper diamond that still has beautiful fire and an excellent cut. With the diamond being so unique, I decided to keep it the focal point and made the setting itself fairly simple, opting for our Dahlia setting. To keep it fun, I also gave it a brushed finish (my favorite). I can't wait for this ring to go to someone just as unique and special as it is."

Marquise Split Shank Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

This enchanting ring features an antique pear-shaped diamond with a delicate halo and a split shank design that accentuates the diamond's unique shape. The result is a graceful and elegant piece that captures the essence of timeless beauty.

Chae's Notes: "I found this beautiful antique pear-shaped diamond and couldn't leave without her. She came back to Carter's as a loose diamond, and we couldn't think of the perfect ring to design around this marquise diamond for over a year. Inspired by our Petunia setting, we landed on a very dainty halo surrounding the antique marquise and added the split variation to accentuate the elongation of the diamond."

Marquise Diamond Wide Band Bezel Engagement Ring

This unique engagement ring showcases a marquise-cut diamond in a custom bezel setting. The wider gold band adds a touch of flair and dimension, making it a standout piece both on its own and when stacked with other bands.

Chae's Notes: "I love a bezel-set engagement ring, but I rarely set diamonds I find for the bespoke collection in bezels. It's a commitment to encase a diamond in a custom bezel because of its unique measurements, especially this fun marquise! We added a wider than normal gold side to this custom ring to add a pop of metal and add dimension when stacking bands. It really pops on your hand solo, but man you should see it with stackables!"

Discover The Bespoke Collection today and find the perfect piece that is as unique as you are!