Stacking with Chae

Are you newly engaged or maybe thinking about adding another band to your stack? Well, guess what? Chae's got your back with some inspiration to help you build a stack you'll absolutely adore. She's all about mixing and matching different ring shapes, and she's here to share her favorite ways to style and stack bands with your engagement rings. Chae's got all the tips and tricks to make your fingers shine with a stack that's effortlessly cool and totally you!

Let's kick things off with a gorgeous emerald solitaire! Chae’s initial idea revolves around a striking combination: a contour band adorned with baguettes and rounds on one side, complemented by an east to west emerald cut half eternity band on the other side. Chae explains that the contour band mimics the half-round shape, gracefully curving in harmony with the elongation of a diamond. If you're more into the classic vibes or got inspired by Sofia Richie's stunning stack, Chae has a suggestion that will give you that beautiful, timeless look. Pair an emerald cut eternity band to achieve that effortlessly elegant style. It's a way to create a stack that exudes casual sophistication.

Next up, a magnificent pear-shaped solitaire! Chae decided to stack a bezel-set diamond band on one side, and a sleek v-shaped contour band on the other. This combo is perfect for those who love a bit of edge and want to showcase the diamond's focal point. This is the perfect combination for a simple yet elegant look that offers a bit of uniqueness with the pear shape. 

This next stack is for our Tiffany-style engagement ring lovers! Chae paired our stunning Tiffany-style emerald solitaire with a trendy bezel-set "bubble" band on one side and a whimsical starburst-inspired contour band on the other. This unique combo is perfect for the girl who wants a touch of funkiness without overshadowing her center stone. 

This next stack is a true work of art! We're talking about an antique elongated cushion diamond, carefully handpicked and set in our very own Dahlia solitaire setting. Chae took it up a notch by stacking a classic diamond band with a multi-shaped half eternity band. This stack adds a playful twist to the classic look we all adore. This stack is perfect for adding some fun while keeping it effortlessly chic!

We're ending this stacking journey with a showstopper! This stack features an emerald-cut diamond in our Paisley setting, which has diamonds adorning the band. Chae's choice for pairing? Our most popular band, Orchid, which gives the illusion of floating diamonds. But that's not all—she added our Daffodil band for some extra dimension, with its baguette diamonds set in what Chae describes as a playful dancing pattern. This look has it all and is sure to turn heads!

Did you love Chae's curated stacks? We'd love to hear your favorite ring shape and the kind of stacks you'd like to see next! Share your thoughts and let us know on social media!