Found a diamond?


If you found a diamond in the suites at the USM versus Texas State football game, Keep scrolling to FIND OUT IF IT'S REAL...


The Timeline

Any purchase made from September 2nd, 2023 until October 6th, 2023 at 6:00pm - the USM Homecoming game against Old Dominion will qualify.


All purchases qualify?

YES! In-store AND online! Engagement rings, tennis necklaces, eternity bands, men's chains, gemstone jewelry... It ALL qualifies! Even create the custom jewelry of your dreams, or repair an old piece. ALL purchases qualify for a full refund when Southern Miss shuts out Old Dominion at the 2023 Homecoming football game!

Carter's past bets

Why do we keep betting on USM?

We believe they can do it!

As The Official Jeweler of Southern Miss with a team of over 12 USM alumni we have so much Southern Miss pride, and we're never going to stop betting on our team's success!

See our past bets...


win by 30

In 2019 Southern Miss played the homecoming football game against North Texas, and we bet USM could win by 30 points or more than the opponent!


make it rain at the rock

In 2018 we bet it would rain an inch or more at The Rock during the Homecoming game.


touchdown punt return

In 2017 we bet USM would get a touchdown on a punt return at the Homecoming game against Kentucky.


win by 42

In 2016 Southern Miss played the homecoming football game against Marshall, and we bet USM would score 42!


Beat MSU

Our first bet... In 2015 we bet Southern Miss could beat Mississippi State at the Homecoming football game at The Rock!

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