Wedding Band Inspiration from Newlywed Carter's Couples

Are you constantly googling to find out what kind of wedding bands would be the perfect complement your dazzling engagement ring?

We got you girl! Finding the ideal match for your beloved ring is an essential step in completing your bridal ensemble. From classic diamond bands to modern contour, or even unique designs, there are plenty of options to explore. And with a HUGE selection of band options, We've got you covered at Carter's. Dive into our guide to discover stack inspiration from real Carter's Couples.



Meloney created a classic stack by pairing her radiant Ivy engagement ring from Carter's Bloom Collection with a classic, straight diamond wedding band. Meloney's Ivy engagement ring features a diamond wrap underhalo, paired with a classic diamond band, meaning her diamond on diamond style maximizes her sparkle!

This stack is a classic and timeless foundation that allows you to add fun diamond shapes or gemstone bands over time, to celebrate anniversaries and milestones throughout your marriage!



With fancy shape diamond cuts, there are two ways you're going to want to style them:

1. Contrast, pairing a rounded center stone with clean lines in the band, baguettes or emerald cuts.

2. Matching, pair the same shape in your band as your center stone, like Angel's stack!

Angel paired her oval Dahlia cathedral solitaire engagement ring from The Bloom Collection with a crowd favorite, our petite oval half eternity band. Angel's matchy matchy look is a FAVORITE that she's going to get compliments on for years to come.



Is your engagement ring an elongated cut? Oval, emerald, radiant, marquise... All look amazing with a contour band like MJ's!

MJ paired her emerald cut Dahlia cathedral solitaire engagement ring from The Bloom Collection with a milgrain accented contour band featuring a trio of petite round diamonds glistening on the tip.

Contour bands are the perfect way to add extra dimension to your stack with an elongated center stone.



Do you want to step completely outside-of-the-jewelry-box? Discover bands like you've never seen before, try on EVERYTHING to discover the one that matches your unique personality, bringing out your fun and unique style.

Morgan paired her Iris engagement ring from Carter's Bloom Collection with a multishape half eternity stackable band. Can't decide on a favorite shape? This is the band for you...

Carter's has a selection of hundreds of unique bands in classic and never-before-seen styles. Make an appointment to discover our selection of bands, just a short drive from Hattiesburg, Mississippi.