Think a Solitaire Engagement Ring is Boring? Think again.

Four ways to customize the solitaire engagement ring of your dreams with Carter's Collective Fine Jewelry, located near Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Solitaire style may be THE most classic and timeless engagement ring, BUT there are ways to add a unique twist to your solitaire engagement ring or upgrade.


1. Play with the prongs!

Customize your look by adding prongs or changing the orientation of them. We accommodate dozens of different prong styles in our engagement ring designs- a 6 prong ring (pictured), compass prongs (meaning the prongs are placed on the top and bottom of the center stone rather than in the four “corners”) There are also variations to the visible style of your prongs by giving them a “button” or "claw" appearance…

There are SO many options, and your concierge will walk you through each one at your appointment! Try on every style, and save the ones you love on your wishlist for when the time is right, or start your design right away.


2. Add an Underhalo

This is the solution for someone who loves sparkle! From the top your ring will still have the classic solitaire look, but an underhalo adds so much sparkle and personality to your ring. Customize your solitaire with a diamond underhalo or peek-a-book diamonds or gemstones to make your solitaire stand out. 

One of our customized solitaires featured peek-a-boo gemstones with the couple's birthstones! Such a special detail that will always set her ring apart from the rest.


 3. Mix Metals

While one of my favorite style choices, making the prongs of your engagement ring white is also an excellent way to make your diamond appear brighter! White gold or platinum prongs give the illusion that your diamond is just floating atop a yellow or rose gold band. You also get to choose which color metal for your wedding bands… or maybe stack with both, wink-wink!


4. Add Texture!

Last but not least, this will REALLY set your ring apart from other solitaires. We see polished gold rings every single day. To really make your
solitaire stand out, give the metal a textured finish! Add a milgrain border to the edges or a little hand engraving to the underhalo. The options are endless.